Food Truck Design Recommendations and Vehicle Wrap Template for 2007 Ford E-450 Super Duty Step Van.

Food trucks have become a mainstay in places like Los Angeles, Portland and New York. They’re fun, and the variety and quality of the food can be impressive. Since completing the branding and design of the Tango Mango Truck, we’ve had a number of people ask about the process of wrapping a food truck and now we’re sharing what we learned.

These days vehicles aren’t typically painted with graphics, instead they are wrapped with a thin vinyl film. Wrapping is a cost-effective way to outfit your rig and the surface is surprisingly durable. Vinyl sheets are printed and then carefully applied by hand in small pieces, contouring around some elements like fenders and covering over other surface details like rivets and sometimes even windows.

Remember, just because you can wrap the entire vehicle in gradients and photographs, doesn’t mean you should. We’ve all seen examples where lack of restraint produces tacky results!

Wrap One in Anaheim has done amazing work for us in the past and we highly recommend them as a wrap vendor if you’re in Southern California.

Feel free to use this food truck template as a launching off point for your designs. This particular model is a 2007 E-450 Super Duty Step Van. Adobe Illustrator is required. Due to the popularity of this template and volume of requests we can’t offer additional support.

First use this template to create an initial design. Then have a wrap vendor hand-measure your exact vehicle. Then transfer the design to their template.

Download the template (2 MB .zip). Feel free to tweet us @studiofluid with pics of your creation. A credit or mention is appreciated.

Posted by Ben Thompson on August 5, 2013
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